Do you know or are YOU - Spanish/Hispanic/Latin friends that DO NOT speak Spanish or know any Spanish, except maybe the bad words? You will want to be in this commercial -
my lips are zipped as to who is in the commercial - but it will be fun!

send a video to and follow the directions below

We are casting a comedy commercial -


Male and Female age 20 - 35

Are you local to Houston and are you Hispanic/Latin/Spanish?
Have fun with these questions and show me personality
You must NOT KNOW Spanish
You must be local to HOUSTON
Please upload a video telling us a little about you.
Questions for your reader to ask you.
Tell me a little about you
What is your background - Spanish, Hispanic, Puerto Rican...Guatemalan? 
Do you know Spanish?
Why did you move to Houston?
If you are Spanish why don't you know Spanish? (this is a 
light-hearted question - )